A Big Welcome to You All!

Thank you for dropping by our page, we hope you’ll want to join the Wild Woman Community but a little bit more about us first…our Community was founded with one ultimate purpose.  The Empowerment of Women to speak their truth for themselves, their lives and society as a whole.

We live in difficult times but the pressure placed on Women, through Society’s ideals, has placed us in an impossible position! Somewhere along the line, it has become the norm to expect a Woman to be superhuman.  We are expected to be mothers, wives, keepers of the family home, hold down demanding jobs and look like we have just stepped off the catwalk!  We are prized for our looks not our achievements and are constantly bombarded with unrealistic images and stories of how women are supposed to be, look and think.  If we don’t reach these ideals, which is impossible, then we are left feeling lacking and inadequate.  On top of this, we are encouraged to judge each other unfavourably and turn against each other if we don’t reach the impossible standards.  We have been sold lie!

We believe it is time to take a stand and say No More!  Each and every one of you are unique, strong, resilient women who should be celebrated and not expected to live up to the unrealistic standard that Society has placed on us.  By coming together as Women with mutual respect, compassion and understanding towards each other, learning to value our true inner selves, finding our purpose and being the change we want to see, we can and will bring changes to Society.

We aim to provide you with the tools you need to break away from the expectations placed on you and empower you to live a life that’s right for you.  This site offers a range of articles and information which will be continually added to over time.  We welcome any contributions you may have, please feel free to contact us.

We hope you will join us!  Please sign up for new articles, offers and information at the right hand side of the page and join us on Facebook where we have recently added a forum for you to get  together and discuss topics relevant to Women today, to support, help and empower each other.  We would also recommend that you check out our blog for previous articles.

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